MIK Trio

MIK Trio is the new band by bassist Michael “MIK” Acker, long-time first pick bass player of the Romanian Jazz scene, currently residing in Vienna, Austria. Born out of the desire to not only have his own band, but also to have another bass player backing him up during his musical explorations, Michael “MIK” Acker decided to go for an quite unusual line-up: Two basses, one drum.

The search for the right “second bass” was not easy. But Robin Gadermaier came along, being not only a virtuoso on his instrument, but also having a wide range of sounds at his fingertips. He can easily switch between any role in the band. Be it low fat bass notes, harmonic soundscapes from any parallel universe there might be, or heavy metal-synth-guitar-shredding, he’s got it.

Third to the mix is drummer Matheus Jardim, Mik’s long-time friend and musical collaborator, was an easy pick. He is one of the most sought-after drum-cats in the Austrian Jazz scene and his creative spirit is almost unbeatable.

MIK trio plays mainly compositions that are heavily groove-based with some psychotic excursions and lots of space to explore new sonic environments.

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Click HERE for more videos of Michael Acker

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