Michael Acker – Professional Bass Player

Becoming a professional bass player

Born and raised in Romania, Michael Acker grows up in a musical environment thanks to his mother. In her children’s choir and instrumental ensemble he learns the basics about music theory and instruments like recorder, xylophone and percussion.
Quickly his talent is recognised. Piano and guitar lessons are soon to follow.
At age 17 he falls in love with the bass guitar, not yet knowing he would later become a professional bass player.
Starting off in a Funk band, he soon discovers the liberty of expression Jazz has to offer.
Therefore he moves to Bucharest to study Jazz at the National University of Music under the famous romanian Jazz pianist Mircea Tiberian.
Also during this period he adds upright bass and synthesizer to his abilities.

Main Collaborations

He also does video production for the bands he plays in.

Present Day

At this point he is considered one of the leading bass players in his homecountry. His influences range from styles like Jazz, Funk, Afrobeat all the way to DeepHouse or Drum n’Bass.
He collaborates with the vast majority of Jazz musicians in Romania like Mircea Tiberian, Sorin Zlat or Luiza Zan.
International collaborations include Owen Hart Jr.(USA), Anton Eger(SE), John Betsch(USA), Eamon Dilworth(AUS), Ellie Wright(AT), Matheus Jardim(BRA).

He currently lives in Vienna, Austria where he is working on his new band “MIK Trio“.